> be a problem solver

est. 2000

Three marketers came together to start a company. One was analytical, one had deep agency experience and one had deep financial industry experience. They were all problem solvers and idea generators.

Maureen Dyvig, Fred Driver and Megan Devine said: “Let’s name our company “d.trio marketing group.”

do the right thing for your client

We wrote it in our clients’ entry logbook that day. We liked it (Fred wasn’t sure, but he got there). We told our prospective customers. They asked, “What does it mean?” Now we had a story to tell.

have a thick skin and a sense of humor

We told our friends. They said, “It sounds like an Italian restaurant.” “It’ll confuse people.” “What does it mean?” “Can’t you find a marketing word that works?” We went through many, many marketing words and found, hey, the good ones are all taken (by other marketing companies). So we stopped looking.

The three partners are the “d”  in d.trio. We’ve been called the D Trio since we met 18 years ago, drawn together and inseparable from the start. If there was a problem, we came together to solve it.

If there was a need for ideas, we came together to brainstorm. If we had an idea we wanted to improve, we came together to beat it up and elevate it. We brought together three distinct perspectives, thought processes and experiences that colored how we looked at things with a goal of making everything better. By accident we became collaborative and found our niche.


The day we started d.trio we asked each other: what do we believe in? How can we do this better? And we set down our guiding principles that are still valid today, showcased here on our culture page.

put your heart in every project

Fast-forward to 2019. Megan is the sole owner and is proud to have employees at d.trio who believe and feel the same way she does. You’ll find collaboration, problem solving, integrity, passion and the creative spark has grown with each year – represented by the talented people we hire. Fiery, fun, fiercely loyal. Client-centric individuals doing the right thing, the best thing to make work stand out, perform and shine. They are d.trio now and into the future. And we think the future looks bright.

Megan Devine

owner, CEO, founding partner

Fred Driver

founding partner

Sheryl Doyle

e.v.p., client services

Danette Knickmeier

account director

Beth Seitzberg

creative director

Sam Glubka