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18 d.trio milestones

By May 5th, 2021No Comments
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1 year in Bloomington

2 d.trio logos/brands

3 d.trio partners

4 major office remodels

5 d.trio websites

6 brand updates for our largest client, SunTrust

7 years since Target Field became our neighbor

8 years of holiday notebooks for our clients

9 years surviving the Great Recession

10 years since everything changed in marketing

11 years since our two youngest employees were 18

12 seats around the big conference table

13 years as a certified WBE

14 years judging the International ECHO Awards

15 years for Sheryl, our longest tenure employee

16 Summit International Creative Awards

17 years in the North Loop

18 years in business!

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Author d.trio

d.trio is a clever crew of marketing enthusiasts with an unapologetic passion for what we do. Our unique blend of skills and personalities come together to form a not-your-everyday agency, who tackles everyday marketing challenges with flexibility, speed, and tenacity. Marketing teams in mid- large-sized companies come knocking when their branding challenges and marketing projects prove too overwhelming to go it alone. And we answer—with a can-do attitude in one hand and a healthy dose of curiosity in the other.

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