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18 Great Things About Being 18

By May 5th, 2021No Comments
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  1. Having the ability to sleep 10 or 12 hours a night
  2. Still having a full head of hair
  3. High school no more!
  4. Being old enough to do what you want, but without all that dang responsibility
  5. Your metabolism is a fine-tuned machine
  6. You look good wearing pretty much anything
  7. You can use trendy words without sounding stupid
  8. Staying awake past 10? No problem!
  9. You’re filled with hope, optimism, and potential
  10. Flip flops are appropriate for every occasion
  11. You still haven’t reached your physical peak yet
  12. You can sleep on the floor and not throw out your back
  13. You don’t have hair growing in weird places—yet
  14. Your mistakes don’t have such big consequences
  15. Having more energy than you know what to do with
  16. The excitement of experiencing so many things for the first time
  17. Feeling like you can do anything
  18. Having your whole life ahead of you
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