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18 Songs About Being 18

By May 5th, 2021No Comments
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  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers—“She’s Only 18”yt2
  2. Skid Row—“18 And Life”yt2
  3. Alice Cooper—“I’m Eighteen”yt2
  4. Forever The Sickest Kids—“She’s A Lady”yt2
  5. Christian TV—“When She Turns 18”
  6. Slapstick—“Eighteen”yt2
  7. Third Eye Blind—“Graduate”yt2
  8. Bow Wow—“Eighteen”yt2
  9. One Direction—“18”yt2
  10. Ace of Base—“Blooming 18”yt2
  11. Bryan Adams—“18 Till I Die”yt2
  12. Mario—“18”
  13. Kings of Leon—“The Bucket”yt2
  14. Maroon 5—“She Will Be Loved”yt2
  15. Lal Meri—“Dreams of 18”yt2
  16. Pete Wingfield—“Eighteen With A Bullet”yt2
  17. Aaron Pritchett—“Eighteen”
  18. Trace Adkins—“You’re Gonna Miss This”yt2
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