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What does it feel like to be 18?

By May 5th, 2021No Comments
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We asked the three d.trio partners how they feel about d.trio turning 18 and here are their responses.


Eighteen is one of those numbers that resonates in your DNA. You aspire to be 18 from the time you are little until you hit that magic number—when you are finally a fully formed adult. I feel a bit the same about d.trio turning 18. When we started, we chose to do what we love (I recommend it) and as the years have gone by we’ve learned to be “real” business people. You learn to understand that difficult decisions need to be made. You see yourself in the light of your employees’ eyes and learn to take yourself less seriously. And, most importantly, you have to roll with change.

d.trio lasting 18 years isn’t just a numbers game. It’s tied up in the built-in ‘family’ of d.trio–our employees, their success, their happiness, their well being, as well as doing the right thing by our clients. That hasn’t changed since we put our goals down on paper 18 years ago. And, we’re grateful for the chance to keep it going into the future.


Wow, 18. Sometimes feels like we’ve been doing this forever, and others like we’re just getting started. I guess that’s the nature of being in an industry that has become as hyper-dynamic as marketing.

We’ve been through a lot over 18 years, and have our employees, contractors, vendors, peers and clients to thank for navigating it all with us. We began on the millennium (when the world was projected to come to a stop), persevered through 9/11, survived the great recession and have evolved with the advent and ever-changing nature of the digital marketing landscape.

I am proud of the work we’ve done, the service we’ve provided, the relationships we’ve built and the way we’ve stayed true to ourselves. I am proud of our grittiness, tenacity, creativity, integrity, cohesiveness and sense of humor. And I am proud of the work environment we created that fostered our values and serves as a platform for continued success.

As Alice Cooper so eloquently stated, “I’m eighteen and I like it.” So do I.


When we started this company 18 years ago, I’ll admit that we didn’t really know how to run a business. But we’ve learned a lot along the way, much of which came from making mistakes—like trying to do things we should have hired someone else to do. But we’ve mostly done things right, which is why we’re still here, having fun and doing really great work.

I’m fortunate to have two wonderful business partners who also happen to be my best friends. We trust each other completely and, after 18 years, we still enjoy spending time together and taking on the challenges of managing and growing a company, solving problems, celebrating our successes, and calling out each other’s quirks.

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