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Show & Tell: d.trio 18 in 2018

By May 4th, 2021No Comments

In honor of our 18th birthday, we decided to throw an online party. For 4 weeks, we posted articles, trivia, photos, quotes, personal anecdotes, words of wisdom, and a silly music video—all tied to the number 18.

We also invited our friends and business associates to join the party by sharing our posts, sending us comments, and answering some poll questions. Each post, comment, share, or newsletter sign-up gave people a chance to win some pretty cool prizes, including d.trio swag, an Amazon gift card, a pair of Bose headphones, an 18-year-old bottle of scotch, and an office pizza party.

Our main goal for the campaign, besides just having fun, was to increase our visibility online through social media engagement. And while we didn’t have any solid benchmarks to compare our results to (since this was our first campaign of this magnitude), we were very happy with the final results, which included: A huge increase of active users to our website, a bunch of new email subscribers and Twitter followers, and even a new business inquiry.

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d.trio is a clever crew of marketing enthusiasts with an unapologetic passion for what we do. Our unique blend of skills and personalities come together to form a not-your-everyday agency, who tackles everyday marketing challenges with flexibility, speed, and tenacity. Marketing teams in mid- large-sized companies come knocking when their branding challenges and marketing projects prove too overwhelming to go it alone. And we answer—with a can-do attitude in one hand and a healthy dose of curiosity in the other.

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