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Should You Outsource Your Marketing Efforts?

By January 7th, 2019No Comments

As a marketing agency, you might think d.trio’s default answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” But, that’s not how we roll. We are much more interested in partnering with organizations who really need us, rather than pushing our services on anyone and everyone who has a marketing budget. So, the answer, like most things in life is “it depends”.

From a recent study by AMI (Agency Management Institute) and Audience Audit, we learned about when, what, and why clients outsource their marketing work to agencies. In most cases, it’s about an organization’s ability to develop an effective strategy and to utilize the resources they already have.

So, if you’re wondering whether outsourcing is right for your company, start by asking yourself these questions.

  • Have you defined a clear marketing strategy for reaching your business goals?
  • Do you have the staff to coordinate and execute the marketing activities that are part of that strategy?
  • Do you have the time to keep up-to-date on new marketing tactics and approaches, and apply them to your strategy?
  • Do you have the resources to generate fresh ideas that will help you stand out and stay relevant in a competitive landscape?
  • Are you able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities and adjust your plans on the fly to get the greatest impact from your dollars?

If you answered “no” or “I’m not sure” to any of these questions, you may want to consider outsourcing. Or hiring additional internal resources.

If outsourcing is an option, the next big hurdle is finding an agency partner that fits your needs. Cost is a big consideration, of course. But there are a lot of other factors to think about, too.

The first is simply finding the time to search for the right agency. Perhaps you’re concerned they won’t give your company the attention it deserves. Or you don’t trust them to come up with ideas that are better than your own. When you do finally choose one, they’ll need time to get up to speed on your company and the project at hand. There may also be some internal resistance from your team members who think an agency isn’t necessary. Plus, you’ll need an internal resource to manage the project and the agency.

All this may sound quite daunting, but with the right agency, the payoff can be substantial. As you’re researching possible partners, here are some things to consider:

Can they get work done quickly? Can they handle complex projects? Can they work with minimal oversight? Can they provide fresh ideas? What range of services do they offer? Do they understand your industry and your audience? Which tactics do they have the most expertise in? Are they familiar with trends and technology? Do they have the ability to measure effectiveness.

Additionally, ask them to provide evidence to support their case. Look at their portfolio. Request case studies. Ask for referrals. In other words, run them through the ringer. While many agencies may be clamoring to get a piece of your marketing budget, only the ones that have your best interests at heart will give you their best work.

For more related information check out this article that Forbes posted in 2017.

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