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Two resources for managing anxiety

By May 5th, 2021No Comments

Given the amount of bad news we’re all receiving about the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact, it can be overwhelming and anxiety-producing.  We’ve found some good resources focused on mitigating anxiety and thinking on the bright side. We hope sharing them with you helps.

The Harvard Business Review has been putting out a series of articles on a variety of topics related to the pandemic. One of the most recent discusses the feelings of anxiety we’re all having in comparison to the stages of grief. Just putting a name to what we’re feeling can ease our discomfort. The article notes that anticipatory grief – a fear of how our future life might change – is a valid emotion, but we need to find balance in our overall thoughts. The That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief  article includes many other helpful tips on managing anxiety – and while you’re on the HBR site, note that you can also access the rest of their series of Coronavirus articles for free.

If you’re still feeling stressed and looking for a lighter outlet, try tuning in to the new YouTube series  Some Good News with John KrasinskiAlthough he’s an A-list celebrity, his likeability and delivery make him feel like “one of us”. John covers several feel-good stories guaranteed to bring a smile and joins pal Steve Carell to reminisce about the good old days on “The Office”. Given the almost 10 million views, we’re likely to see several more installments of SGN. More good news – you can subscribe so you won’t miss a thing.

Do you have some good news you’d like to share? d.trio is all ears.


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