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We killed it! And then we killed it.

By May 4th, 2021No Comments

This section of our newsletter is usually about stuff we’ve been working on and fun things our staff has been up to during their free time. This month, we’re doing things a little differently. Because, frankly, we’re having (another) year unlike any other.

Like many businesses, we had our struggles in 2020—especially toward the end of the year. Work was coming in slowly as our clients looked ahead to 2021. That trend continued into January, and our creative team found themselves in the rare position of having some extra time on their hands.

So, rather than filling all their time with video games, they brainstormed ideas for a marketing campaign we could do for ourselves. For kicks we dubbed it The Big Ask, and they set out to find creative ways of asking our clients for work.

One concept in particular had us thinking “could we actually do this?” and “what’s the worst that could happen?”. And we actually came pretty close to launching it. But then this happened: Most of the proposals we presented in January were well-received and became new projects. (This wasn’t too surprising—after all, we think we’re pretty good at what we do—but it was still a delightful turn of events).

Instead of chucking all that great work into the abyss, never to see the light of day, we decided to share a small sample with you here. Check it out and let us know what you think. We sure had fun with it and we hope you’ll find it entertaining too.

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