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On location at NWHSU and on the record at Forbes

By July 27th, 2021One Comment

Lights. Camera. Action.

We spent three action-packed days with our client and video partner, filming on the Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) campus. The set consisted of a huge wall of fabric banners in NWHSU colors with brand cutouts and a massive green screen setup. Our cast included students, instructors, volunteers playing the roles of their patients, and Sam who stood in for lighting setup. Beth got in on the action by playing a patient getting a therapy mask for the Radiation Therapy program. In her words “It was a little creepy, but fun!”

Over the course of the shoot, we captured film for 20 videos including hands-on footage of healthcare procedures in action, students interacting with the banners and being interviewed for testimonial videos, and a full day shooting on the green screen.  

Our NWHSU client team were exceptional hosts during our visit and we are so grateful for the incredible work they did to coordinate the shoot. Next up: Production. And soon after that, we’ll be sharing the finished product.

Published on Forbes

Our membership in the Forbes Agency Council brings us an array of opportunities to share our marketing smarts. Megan has been particularly enjoying contributing to the expert articles (see below for more on that). And this month, her story about d.trio’s brand repositioning and why it matters appeared as a full-length feature article on its website. She is thrilled to be recognized by the people at Forbes as an important contributor to the business community and she sincerely hopes her story will help other companies find their way in today’s every-changing landscape. 

Featured on Forbes

Megan and other agency professionals recently contributed their insights on these topics:

How sales-cycle length impacts ROI timelines
Smart marketing approaches to building brand recognition
How to leverage Facebook and Instagram stories
Ways to encourage peer-to-peer marketing
Using paid social campaigns in your marketing


If Megan threw a rock from her house, it would land in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. She’s not much for rock throwing, so instead she’s been hitting the hiking trails and enjoying sunsets through the park’s lush summer surroundings.

She’s also been spending as much time as she can with her sister, who is suffering from Lewy Body dementia.

Sheryl’s friend threw a bash for her daughter’s 17th birthday party. It had all the usual trappings of a teenage party: Other teenagers, food, cake, selfies. Oh, and lamas. (!)

With the severe drought that’s hitting much of the country, including Minnesota, Fred couldn’t have picked a better year to transform his backyard from boring grass to intricate new landscaping.

Sam finally got to meet his better half’s family in person. He and Lauren got on a plane for Michigan and were thrilled with her parent’s jaw-dropping response to their surprise visit. Between family gatherings and outings with friends, they claimed to be working, but we’re not so sure about Sam. 😉


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