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What recent ad campaign or commercial has gotten you to respond?

By October 26th, 2021No Comments

Our team at d.trio works hard to create compelling, relevant blogs for our audience. And we humbly think we do a pretty good job of it. But sometimes we like to go rogue and have some fun. This is the first iteration of those wanderings, in which we ask questions of our eclectic mix of creative and account people.

Queries & Theories – Series 1 : Volume 1.

Every marketer falls cleanly on one side of the fence or other when it comes to being targeted by advertisers: We’re either completely jaded or, more likely, we become complete suckers for an expertly-developed, precisely-targeted campaign. Here are a few that hooked us along the way.

It was January. The temp was 20 below zero. And social media told me I should have some fleece leggings from Bellelily. They looked very warm and I agreed. I even convinced my neighbor to buy some too.


I love the sense of humor in the Duluth Trading Company commercials and the names of their products – Buck Naked™, Armachillo®, Flexpedition®, Fire Hose® etc. So, even though I am not in the market for their products, I had to check out their website and even visited a store.


I’m always on the hunt for reducing the space in my suitcase, and Facebook knows it. So they served me an ad for Suavs Shoes and I’m now the proud owner of two pair of comfy, lightweight, stylish, easy-to-pack sneakers.


Summer Games Done Quick, a speed-running and fundraising event, ran an ad on a video game site promoting fan-made products that spoke to me personally. It showed a lot of love for the art of video games (which I share), and it announced that 50% of proceeds were going to Medicine Sans Borders. How could I say no?


Problem: Facemasks and glasses are like fish and red wine—they just don’t work together. But when I saw an ad for Inex facemasks on a news feed that claimed to be the best for people who wear glasses, I had to give it a try.


I see a lot of ads while playing games online, but one particular ad for True Classic t-shirts caught my eye. They claimed to have a more streamlined fit than traditional boxy tees, and they did not disappoint.


I’m a sucker for tech companies that makes cool stuff, so when I saw an ad for Glow Forge 3D printer, I clicked on it faster than you can say Hololens. I got all the way through registration and before I saw this representation of the price: $$$$$ which scared me away. The moral of the story is that I’m a tech geek and Glow Forge knows it.  



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