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Songs about marketing (and marketing songs)

By November 16th, 2021No Comments

Given the success of our blog post about songs that feature the word “18” (no, I’m not going to link to it, just Google “songs about 18”), I thought I would try to generate some interest that’s related to something we actually do. A prolonged internet search turned up a surprising amount of songs with the word marketing in their lyrics. What I found is that most are somewhat derogatory, many are in languages other than English, and hip-hop is the most featured category. Derogatory or not, here are a few I really like:

  1. The Flaming Lips – Prescription: Love
  2. Logvn – Own Worst Enemy
  3. Paul Simon – Wartime Prayers
  4. E.S.G. – Gangsta Bitch
  5. The Kinks – Think Visual
  6. Citizens Band Radio – Carter USM
  7. Jay-Z – What More Can I Say

With that task accomplished, I spent a little time exploring one of my favorite topics: songs in commercials. Here are 6 combinations I love:

  1. Allister X for The Gap – Try not to dance
  2. Elton John for Samsung – Try not to weep and then cheer your fool head off
  3. Feist for Apple – Remember the Nano?
  4. Eminem for Chrysler – Possibly the best narration and song combo ever
  5. Walker Hayes for Applebee’s – Never thought I’d Shazam an Applebee’s commercial. Well done.
  6. Michael Andrews for Gears of War – So great I’ve got nothing to say
Beth Seitzberg

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