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What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?

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Queries & Theories – Series 1 : Volume 2.

Have you ever had a mentor, parent, friend, colleague or total stranger give you great career advice? Most of us have had more than one person try to impart their wisdom. The ones that stick might tell you more about your own (and our) personality than they do about the actual advice.we become complete suckers for an expertly-developed, precisely-targeted campaign. Here are a few that hooked us along the way.

I was looking to make a career transition and met with a successful business owner who recognized the entrepreneurial spirit within me. He said I should “look for a business to start.” Nobody had ever viewed me in that way before and it made an impact. I started looking for a business and partners to help me and…the rest is history.


I was looking for my first job out of college and was desperate to land something and start bringing in cash. But a friend of the family encouraged me not to settle or sell myself short. “Always negotiate” was excellent advice for a young job seeker and one I’ve shared (repeatedly) with my daughters.


My best career advice pretty much mirrors my approach to life in general – “Do what you love and the money will come.” I’d rather focus on improving the world through thoughtful use of global resources and a better understanding of other cultures than building my bank account.


Parents are always sharing advice. Some of it’s even good. My father offered up lots of tips for developing my career. The best one was “It never hurts to ask.” It was primarily in regard to seeking career advancement but, more importantly, about having a healthy understanding of your own worth.


I’ve always prided myself on accuracy and attention to detail, so when a large project early in my career required a lot of edits at the press proof stage, I was devastated. My experienced, savvy Creative Director told me “We’re not saving lives here. Fix it and worry about the things that really matter.” I’m also a master worrier so I quickly found other things to focus on.


Believe it or not, my best career advice came from the photographer taking my senior class photo. It was “Don’t get too hung up on your first real job. You’ll likely have several throughout your career.” I often wondered if he took his own advice and where his career path took him.


I’ve received similar advice from multiple Creative Directors in my life. “This career is going to beat you up. Stay brave. And if you can’t actually be brave, you’re going to have to pretend you are.” I brushed up my acting skills and never looked back.




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