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Interesting trends and flexing our UX muscles

By November 30th, 2021No Comments

Channeling the contagious energy of non-profits

Over the past few years, we have seen some wild shifts in business. Redirected budgets, internal and external teams re-assessed, strategies scrapped and restructured, and scrapped again. As we all know, marketing is usually the first thing on the chopping block when times get tough. But many agree with us on the importance of continuing your marketing.

It seems non-profits agree. Some are coming to us and looking for ways to get their name in front of the communities they serve, knowing that many of those communities need help now more than ever. With the average consumer placing new emphasis on efforts to work toward positive social change, it’s their time to shine.

In fact, the importance of engaging with non-profit organizations is expected to be a key trend for next year. The emergence of more social-change focused businesses reinforces how top-of-mind this trend has become. We’re inspired by the contagious energy of our non-profit clients and we look forward to channeling their enthusiasm into our work.

Beth takes on SaaS UX

We live for the huge variety of challenges our clients bring to us. Our latest not-your-everyday-request came from a client that needed a user experience (UX) design for a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) product they’re developing. Beth was up for the challenge and admits she has a brain for this sort of stuff, partly because she’s a geek, and partly because she’s navigated hundreds of SaaS sites in her career and knows what works and what doesn’t.

She started with a tangled looking, but very organized and well-thought-out, UX map. From there, she designed the pages that will take users from the free trial signup all the way through to their personalized dashboard. This stuff may not be the sexiest thing we’ve ever done, but it will provide a seamless UX. And that’s the whole point. We’ll share more when the service goes live.


Sam closed out the wedding season with a sigh of relief at the opening of his schedule. He and Lauren also caught dinner and a show on Halloween and celebrated with friends.

Like many of us in Minnesota this fall, Beth spent an entire day tackling the blanket of leaves that a maple tree left in her backyard. For Thanksgiving she cooked a traditional dinner with all the fixins’.

Megan took a much-needed break after her sister died with some R&R, including walks on the beach, golfing, and hiking in Palm Desert and San Diego. She spent time with family over Thanksgiving, and while she admits she’s notoriously bad at capturing photos of people, she somehow managed to get one of her sister-in-law’s cat in a rare moment of lap-sitting.


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