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Each year brings new marketing challenges and opportunities for financial services marketers. We keep a pulse on the latest information and trends in the industry and use this data to find insights to build creative that drives action, builds brands and accomplishes business goals.

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Tips for improving your messaging and attracting new customers in 2022

What motivates people to switch financial institutions? We dug into this question using the Resonate™ data platform. We researched the audience who call themselves financial services “switchers” and identified their motivators. In this report, we’ll tell you how you can use this information in your acquisition and retention strategy and fine tune your messaging to speak to specific audience segments.

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Social Change Drives Inclusive Banking

Social change is pushing financial services in new directions. Social consciousness reached a new level during the pandemic. Consumers want to support businesses that share their values…

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Atlanticus Customer Journey

Increasing brand value for customers by delivering on brand promise. We created a seamless customer journey through consistent messaging and user experiences.

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SunTrust now Truist Email Engagement

Increasing email open rates and creating customer engagement. We developed a new copy tone and creative look that resonated with customers.

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Synchrony Digital Display

Taking digital creative to the next level. We used our technical expertise to amp up banner ads and create the wow factor that makes them stand out.

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