marketing for higher education

What’s the ideal formula for higher education marketing? Find the right student at the right time and deliver the right message. If you can motivate someone to spend the money and invest their time in your program, they will thank you for improving their lives and careers. We’ve seen this.

Getting a heartfelt thank you from a satisfied student comes from understanding and feeding their aspirations. We can identify hard-to-reach students to fit any program – no matter how small the niche – and lead them to your school. Attracting the best prospects to keep your program flourishing is our mission.

There isn’t a cookie-cutter process to success because each program is unique. Whether your goals are recruitment, promoting a special event or launching a new program, we’ll use a mix of sophisticated tactics (SEO, SEM, social, direct marketing, email, interactive, PR) to maximize the impact of your budget and make the most of your marketing efforts. Now that’s a formula that works.

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