At d.trio, we do digital differently

There are different ways of handling digital marketing (SEO and SEM) and our way is hands on and transparent. At d.trio, we are true marketers who see digital channels as means to an end: to produce business results for businesses like yours. We customize the strategies to the audiences you need to get in front of and think about what they search for. Because while many digital-only agencies are busy artificially inflating their click rates and their fees, we focus on something more: real, tangible, long-term results. The kind of results that boost your sales, strengthen your brand, maximize your ROI, and put a nice big smile on your face.

Our promise is what differentiates us
We won’t play games when purchasing Adwords by buying words you should have organically (for free) like your brand name, just to make our results look better. We don’t hide behind obscure data reporting, hoping you won’t understand how your programs perform – we lay the results out for you to see where your budget is going – down to the ROI and attribution of each channel used. Our pricing is a tiered flat fee by project, not dependent on a percent of ad spend but focused instead on service and strategy.

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Transparent, clear, honest reporting

Unlike many agencies, we never hide, stretch, or skew the results that your digital marketing achieves. With d.trio, you’ll never pay for clicks you’d have gotten for free, and you’ll never be left in the dark as to how each aspect of your digital marketing is performing. For us, open, honest communication is how we roll.

Zero % of spend/Flat fee structure

Most agencies set fees based on a percentage of media spend. Not us. We charge a flat fee based on the actual work we do. Which means no matter how large your media buy, you’ll pay the same rate. And we’re always looking out for your best interests—driven to help you succeed, not spend more money.

Dedicated, hands-on account optimization

Automation makes all our lives easier. But when it comes to digital marketing, we believe success takes a more personal approach. Which is why we manually monitor and optimize your account regularly. This hands-on, high-touch, high-quality service allows us to be more responsive and make smarter adjustments, so you see better results.

Better clicks: quantity over quantity

Not all clicks are created equal. Quality results come from quality leads. That’s why we focus on driving clicks that convert to sales. Because what good is it to generate lots of clicks if you don’t see tangible results? At d.trio, we know success is about more than just getting your name out there. It’s about growing your profits.

Seamless multi-channel integration

Most paid search firms do only one thing—paid search. This can make your marketing feel disjointed. As a full-service agency, we seamlessly integrate your digital marketing with all your other tactics, so you end up with a more consistent, cohesive brand—and better results from all of your marketing efforts.

A one-stop shop keeps things simple

Why use separate agencies for print, direct response, and digital? At d.trio, we do it all. Not only does this make your life easier, but it makes your marketing better, too. We take a high-level strategic approach to your brand, working with you to create just the right blend of marketing tactics to maximize your budget and improve your ROI.