civacon lead generation

Fueling sales for Civacon

Civacon specializes in products that assist with the loading, monitoring, and unloading of petroleum tanks. They experienced a loss of sales during the pandemic and needed new leads to accelerate the sale of their CivaCommand control system, which reduces human error in the fuel delivery process.

Using a combination of digital tactics, d.trio created a campaign to drive interest in CivaCommand and generate new leads for Civacon. Initial tactics included prospecting emails, digital ads, and SEM. In addition, email and website retargeting ads were employed to encourage continuation of the buyer journey after engagement. Messaging focused on both the monetary risk associated with fuel errors as well as the associated damage to the truck fleet’s reputation. The CTA offered a solution to regain control with CivaCommand smart tank features. All leads were directed to the existing CivaCommand home page.

.40% CTR on digital ads (4x the average!)
1600+ landing page visits
17.04% prospect email open rate