d.trio mindsparq branding

Dover Refrigeration & Food Equipment (DRFE), as their name implies, makes things that keep food cool—and lots of other stuff too. In an effort to become a more relevant player in their industry, they created an ideation center in Atlanta’s vibrant Tech Square. They had a vision of helping customers navigate through a continuously changing marketplace, and they had a team of top-notch talent in place to run the center. But they were in need of one more thing: An identity. And that’s where we came in.

We started with an initial discovery process to learn more about the center, which included an interview process with key stakeholders at DRFE. Once complete, we began the naming process and our client eventually chose “MindSparq”. From there, we created an entire identity, including a logo, color palette, photography style, brand voice, and key messaging points—all wrapped up in a final brand guidelines document.

With MindSparq poised to change the future of the food industry, don’t be surprised to see improvements in your retail food shopping experience. Chances are, this group of highly talented innovators will be behind it.