Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) needed to get the word out to their customers about an important regulatory change in the works. DFS manufactures fuel pumps and other related products, and with most consumer credit cards having been upgraded with EMV chip technology, it was time for gas station owners to upgrade their outdoor payment systems or face big financial losses.

Our plan involved a multi-channel campaign that targeted two audiences—product distributors and station owners. We created a direct mail series (postal and email) that directed recipients to go to the EMV microsite and learn everything they needed to know about EMV payment at the pump. The microsite included FAQs, videos, product specs for their EMV payment solutions, and gated white papers on EMV-related topics. We also provided DFS with graphics for their website, social media, and digital ads.

We used the SharpSpring marketing automation platform to create and run the campaign, host the microsite and form, deploy the emails, send follow-ups and notifications, score leads, and measure content engagement.

Our client was very happy with the quality of our work and with the results. In the first 3 months, there were almost 3,000 visitors to the site as a result of our marketing and SEO efforts and the efforts of our client via their website, social media sites, and digital banner ads.