Ecommerce registrations get a boost

Inpro/Seal, a B2B manufacturer of bearing protection and shaft seals, needed to promote their first-ever ecommerce platform and convince customers and prospects to use it to make purchases that had previously been handled through sales reps and CSRs.

We developed a campaign strategy to address customer pain points of slow response for pricing requests, slow ordering process, and no account visibility. Our messaging explained how the ecommerce system eliminates these issues. We created emails, retargeting ads, and a video to engage existing customers. Emails were sent to prospective buyers across the industries Inpro/Seal serves, and a digital display ad campaign targeted the same audience. Messaging focused on how Inpro/Seal products could make their jobs less stressful and increase the life of their machinery. We carried similar messaging through a series of pay-per-click ads.

85 account registrations from existing customers
10 account registrations from new customers
162 phone calls in response to online ads