Aren’t we all looking for ways to stretch each dollar and save more? Thrivent Federal Credit Union has a product grouping that helps members do just that and they hired d.trio to craft the story, create a direct marketing plan and create a a video to market Cash Momentum. The idea of Cash Momentum is simple: instead of putting money into a checking account, you put money into a savings account first. With two checking accounts tied to savings, money is funneled out on a fixed plan for bill pay and an allowance for daily spend. The extra money is not easily accessible to spend it stays in your savings! While the concept is simple, getting people to set up a new account (or three) and really understand their spending habits, or admit to them, is much more complex. Our messaging is written to help understand the front end and the simplicity of the product. On the back-end, bankers work closely with the members to set up and adjust the finances along the way.