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van Wagenen is a B2B insurance provider that offers a large range of services to financial and lending institutions. When they initially came to us for some new brochures and a direct marketing effort, the first thing we noticed was their messaging.

Like many B2B companies that have traditionally relied on a sales team to find and nurture prospects, their marketing materials were written in a highly sales-oriented manner. So, our first task was to learn everything we could about the services they offer, the business challenges their target audiences were facing, and the information they wanted to share. All in an effort to create more benefit-oriented messaging that addresses the needs of their prospects. Then we started working on tactics.

First, they asked us to update their sales brochures, which were created several years ago and served primarily as a listing of products and services. The result is two new brochures with fresh copy that introduces van Wagenen and highlights their unique approach to the business.

Second, they wanted to promote one of their most popular product solutions to a targeted list of customers and prospects through direct marketing. We identified key audience pain points and created a series of self-mailers and emails that highlighted van Wagenen’s ability to help address these issues. Each piece directed readers to a new landing page that offered additional information and gave them a chance to get in touch via phone or email. This campaign garnered a 9.7% response rate and a 1.4% conversion rate (qualified sales leads).

Third, they were in need of some quick updates to their website in preparation for an important prospect meeting. They felt their site didn’t convey their image and capabilities in the best possible way. With their meeting fast approaching, we only had a few weeks to make changes, so we focused on the Home and Product pages. We wrote new copy that addressed the needs of their customers in a more organized and succinct way. We also made some design changes to showcase their personality and create a better user experience. The result is two new pages with more relevant messaging and a cleaner layout that simplifies their vast, and somewhat complicated suite of products.

And finally, in the midst of all this, they decided to host an event at a Trade Show in Las Vegas and they needed an email invitation created quickly. We put together a communication plan, designed the emails and landing page in their CRM, and scheduled the email series leading up to the event. Here’s what our client had to say about our work:

“We maxed out our RSVPs! I cannot thank you and your team enough for your help. I truly could not have pulled this off without your help with the email automation and overall assistance.”