retail marketing

How do you reach diverse retail audiences—from consumer fashionistas and tech geeks to business CMOs and CFOs? By identifying and addressing the key needs of each group. At d.trio, we create highly targeted campaigns for each audience, so your efforts are more successful. Because the better focused your marketing, the better results you’ll enjoy.

When it comes to retail marketing, our specialty is as diverse as the retailers we work with and the channels we employ. We promote hard-nosed, hard-working credit card, gift card and affinity programs, and engage new customers as they move. We focus on programs that solidify and expand your customer base while generating long-term loyalty.

It takes a highly specialized skill set—one we’ve refined over years of working with large national retailers. It’s a formula that includes a high-level, focused business strategy, plus a healthy dose of fresh, standout creative. Bottom line? Bigger sales.

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