sam glubka

Sam Glubka


Sam is a hybrid designer/developer with an eye for detail. With 7 plus years of experience working on a variety of marketing projects, he specializes in web design and development. Also an avid illustrator, he has found himself participating in several different project roles from planning to design and development.

Sam has worked on projects for Nationwide, Health Fitness, Mosaic, and many smaller local companies right in Minneapolis. For d.trio, he has worked with some of our largest brands including SunTrust Mortgage, Synchrony and Dover TWG. The kinds of projects he most often works on are web design, web development, digital ad design, brochure and collateral design, direct response design (mail and email), branding, and illustration.

He has a healthy thirst for knowledge about technology and how it can be used to improve his creative endeavors.

Outside of work: Sam enjoys spending time with his friends by grabbing a beer at a place they’ve never been before. He also enjoys sculpting and random art projects, as well as playing video games with friends hundreds of miles away.

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